A little about me

I like to make things, take things apart, fix things. I thank my dad for showing me how to use tools, and for teaching me to do jobs well. My first car was a Pontiac Grand LeMans. I inherited it from my mom. It had a new transmission, but a blown engine. My dad let me have it so long as I helped him put in a new engine. I learned so much about how cars work, about my dad, and about myself. He had the patience to explain everything to me – there was no concept that I couldn’t do things myself. As an adult, and a new homeowner, I realize the gift of this like never before.

I seemed to have a talent at art – definitely an interest. My mom painted and drew. I loved to draw horses as a kid. I also made Barbie clothes, repaired my boom box and had the habit of going a little overboard on school projects. I loved making things well and I had no shortage of challenging ideas. I naturally gravitated towards art class,  where I learned needlework and drawing (to name just two) and eventually clay.

The clay studio at school had two old pottery wheels that nobody knew how to use. Like everyone else, I began with hand-building – mostly small sculptural things. Having been influenced by my literature curriculum (and romantic whims) I sculpted dragons, castles, serpents, etc. I went to a local satellite of Indiana University, intending to transfer to IU Bloomington for Archaeology. Somehow I found myself back in ceramics – dying to learn how to use the wheel. And somehow I forgot all about my intention to transfer schools! Five beautiful years later, I regretfully graduated and left the ceramics studio at IUS. I briefly attempted University of Memphis for graduate work towards an MFA… but that was not meant to be.

My art background led me to graphic design and web design. This led to web application development and programming, and then to databases and mobile apps. I enjoy it. It’s “making”, I can be creative, and it has earned me a good living. After a couple of false starts, I am setting up my studio again, for fun. I will be doing ceramics, miniatures, and just about anything else that catches my fancy 🙂


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